Sep 16, 13Arena

Every warriors here to continue to hone their own skills

1. Self enroll in, then enter waiting queue. Player cannot register inside instance and enter in battlefield.
2. Players will be prepared according the way that players with near points value will match up.
3. Players receive messages about competition entry (10 seconds waiting time) after matchup is done; click here to enter arena. If player cannot login, then it means failure to enter.
4. There are 6 seconds as waiting time after entering game.
5. Killed player fails and living player win in limited 10 minutes. Both sides fail if two players are not killed as deadline arrives.
6. Both sides receive corresponding points after match is over.

Weekend Finals:
Top 20 players in Arena ranking is selected to be in the finals at midnight on Sunday.
The final starts with auto-pairing system on Sunday 20:00-21:00.
Arena champion will be rewarded Gold and special titles and figure.