Nov 07, 13November 7th Maintenance

1. Tripled Enhance Blessing
Event Duration:00:00 Nov 7th to 23:59 Nov 13th 
Participants:All Servers
During the event, you will get 30 Blessing points for each enhance!
2. Masoley's Honor Silver Pack Giveaway
Event Duration:Any Time
Participants:All Servers
You will get 200,000 Silver and Masoley's Honor*99 after using it.
You can use Purple Equip and a certain amount ofMasoley's Honor to make Orange equips in\.
1. New Fun
Burning Island:
1.1 Goal:Each guild serves as a unit, and you should try to win as many points for your guild as possible.
1.2 How to get points:
1.2.1 Conquer Resource Point:By collecting the flags in the map,your guild will get 10 points every 10 seconds from each flag.
1.2.2 Killing Monsters:By killing monsters, your guild will get 100 points from each single kill.
1.3 Rewards:
1.3.1 Guild:Different amount of Guild Gold, Silver and Diamonds based on rank.
1.3.2 Player:Different amount of Guild Token, Gold, Silver and other items based on rank.
1.4 Note:  Rewards will be sent out via mail.
2. PVE
HELL: The original entry limit ( 17:00-19:00) has been removed.
3. PVP
1V1,2V2:The event time has changed to 15:00-17:00
4. Other
4.1 Limit of character deletion:You can't delete a character within 72 hours of its creation.
4.2 Diamond:The bug which causes Diamonds to disappear after server merger has been fixed.