Oct 24, 13October 24th Maintenance


1. Scores & Awesome Rewards
Event Duration:
Oct 24th 00:00 to Oct 29th 23:59
All Servers
During the event, you can get corresponding rewards by posting your screenshot in this post when you reach certain scores.
Score Rewards
100 Minor HP Lv.3*99 Minor MP Lv.3*99
200 Minor HP Lv.4*99 Minor MP Lv.4*99
400 Minor HP Lv.5*99 Minor MP Lv.5*99
800 Minor HP Lv.5*199 Minor MP Lv.5*199
1. All rewards will be sent out within 3 days after event ends.
2. Each player can update their screenshots any time, we will give out the highest level rewards to them.
2. Rune Scores & Fantastic Rewards
Event Duration:
Oct 24th 00:00 to Oct 29th 23:59
All Server
During the event, you can post your screenshot of rune rank in this post,we will sent out rewards based on your rank.
Rank Rewards
Basic Advanced
1 Essence of Rune*10 Masoley's Honor*1000 Masoley's Sorrow*100 Gem Lottery III*2
2 Essence of Rune*7 Masoley's Honor*700 Masoley's Sorrow*50 -
3 Essence of Rune*5 Masoley's Honor*400 Masoley's Sorrow*30 -
4-6 Essence of Rune*3 Masoley's Honor*200 - -
7-10 Essence of Rune*1 Masoley's Honor*100 - -
1. You can get Advanced Rewards by getting 1000 points, otherwise you can only get Basic Rewards.
2. The deadline to post your rune rank is 23:59, Oct 29th.

1. Function:
1.1 Re-Challenge function is added in dungeon victory panel:
1.1.1 The Restart button is added to all dungeons, and leave button will also appear in RTG dungeons.
1.2 The player will automatically resurrect when Rebirth CD is over now.
1.3 Eudemon Center:
1.3.1 Eudemon Center won’t be displayed at PVE panel anymore; Instead, it will be placed in Event panel as a 24-hour event dungeon. Meanwhile,the eudemon entrance has been shifted to Event transfer portal.
1.4 EHC Blessing:
1.4.1 EHC Blessing will increase as more and more Protect Scrolls are consumed. When it reaches max, the player is guaranteed a success in enhance and the EHC Blessing will return to 0

2. Optimization:
2.1 Quest Tabs:Each time you enter the game, the quest tabs will unfold, you will have to manually fold them.
2.2 The opening time of Arena will be displayed in 1V1 info.
2.3 Optimized Crusade Panel. 
2.4 Optimized Enhance Panel:
2.4.1 EHC Difficulty is removed.
2.4.2 EHC lv and Next Attribute will display different colors based on different enhance success rate.

3. BUG Fixes:
3.1 The bugs of some skins have been fixed.
3.2 The flashing bug of Goal icon has been fixed.
3.3 The exp bug on some max level players has been fixed.
3.4 The bug which occurs when you double click Masoley’s Gift from Inventory has been fixed.