Oct 17, 13October 17th Maintenance

Online Bonus:
In this week, the 3rd, 5th and 6th Online Rewards have been changed to Gem Lottery I*1
In this week, Gem Lottery is included in all 3 types of Wheel.
1. Normal: Gem Lottery I*1
2. Advanced: Gem Lottery I*2
3. Epic: Gem Lottery II*1
In this week, you have a chance to get Gem Lottery II by completing RTG dungeons.
In this week, you have a chance to get Gem Lottery II by beating the final boss of any Hell dungeon.
Discount This Week:

1. Entrust Multiple Times:

1.1 Only Solo Dungeons can be entrusted.
1.2 Now you can choose how many times you want to entrust the dungeon.
1.3 After selecting Entrust, all silver and dungeon chances of your entrust will be deducted at once. A reminder will pop up if you have not enough silver/dungeon chances remaining.
1.4 Now you can check the detailed progress (how many times the dungeon has been completed) in Entrust interface.
1.5 When you select Give Up, the silver and dungeon chances of uncompleted entrust will be returned to you.
1.6 We’ve adjusted the interface after you’ve completed your entrust.

2. PVE:
2.1 When the player enters a dungeon, the corresponding dungeon chance will be reduced. If there’re not enough dungeon chances left, you’re not allowed to create or join a team to complete corresponding dungeon.
2.2 The goal of Team and Hell dungeons in Daily panel has been reduced from 9 to 3.
2.3 PVE panel has been optimized. We’ve made a lot of improvements.
2.4 When the player opens corresponding tab, the corresponding dungeon chances will be displayed.
2.5 We’ve optimized the Team panel.

3. Inventory:
A function which allows players to instantly use up all the consumable items is added.
4. Essence in Ship: 
Priced at 20 Gold and placed under Misc category

5. Other Optimization:
5.1 Optimization in Merge tab.
5.2 In enhance level transfer, the enhance level of original material will degrade to lv0 instead of disappearing.
5.3 Optimization in event panel.
5.4 A line which shows the latest update time is added to Rank.

6. BUG Fixes:
The bug in Lv55-60 Main Quests has been fixed.