Sep 27, 13September 27th Maintenance


Event  1:The Guy Is On Fire - Flaming Accessories and Phoenix in Accumulative Recharge Reward!

Server Time: 00:00 Sep 27th to 23:59 Oct 9th

During the event, you can claim rewards in \ as long as your accumulative recharge reaches a certain amount.


Note: Remember to save enough slots in the Inventory to claim the rewards.

Event 2: Free Protect Scrolls Are Coming This Way!

Server Time: 00:00 Sep 27th to 23:59 Oct 9th

During the event, you can get 5 Protect Scrolls for every 200 Gold consumption, and no limit is imposed!It's Now or Never!

Please claim the rewards via mail.


1. PVE

1.1 Lv65 Dungeon-Elysian Land:
Feature: The Lv65 dungeon is divided into 9 areas, and you need to leap in some areas.
SOLO: The player can freely explore the map and summon the Boss in the center by defeating 4 guards of each area. Defeat the boss to complete the dungeon.
Team: Some paths will be blocked by flames, so you need to defeat the guards in specific order.
Almost all paths have been blocked by flames in Hell mode, and much more guards will pop up. You need to use the leap skill frequently and flexibly.

Drop Items:

1.2  World BOSS:
1.2.1 Total damage to the World Boss will be calculated, and top damage dealers will be awarded different amount of Masoley’s Sorrow.\
1.2.2 World BOSS Chest: You may have a chance to get Masoley’s Sorrow from the chest.
1.2.3 BOSS Optimization:The ATK and HP of Boss has been optimized.

2. Elite Monster: Elite Monsters have been added in Hell Mode, you don’t need to kill them to complete the dungeon, but they carry all equips with them.

3. Equips
Lv.4 Accessories: We’ve added Lv.4 Life Ring/Life Necklace.

4. Other Optimization
4.1 Optimized First-Recharge: Skin and weapon with the enhance level of +13 will be given out.
4.2 Teleport Scroll: Available in Shop now. It’s priced at 50 Crystals. You can double click the scroll to instantly return to Sky City.
4.3 Daily: New Tips have been added.
4.4 Guild Summon: A prompt box will appear when you click Summon.

5. Choosing the Character: You can choose as many as 3 characters to play on the same account.

6. Bug Fixes
6.1 PVP: Some display errors have been fixed.
6.2 First-Recharge: The flashing bug of the first recharge button after you’ve drawn the rewards has been fixed.
6.3 Dice-Rolling: If you haven’t rolled the dice before quitting the dungeon, a reminder will pop up.