Sep 23, 13September 23rd Maintenance

1 Wheel Optimization & New Equips:
  1.1 Wheel Optimization:
  1.1.1 Different levels in Wheel:Based on the player's level, the Wheel will have different items: starting from Lv30, and new items will occur every 10 levels.    
        1.1.2 Optimized number of Masoley's Honor in Wheel:the number has been increased to 5 from 1.

  1.2 New Equips:Lv 70 sets for 4 classes: Leeching for Mage, Stealth for Rogue, Stuggy for Warrior, and Iris for Priest.

2. PVP Optimization:
2.1 Adjusted Honor Points:Upper Limit adjusted to 5000;
2.2 Adjusted Honor Shop:
New Item:
2.3 Adjusted Masoley's Sorrow requirement to upgrade PVP set:
Lv 50:1 for shoe, head and glove, 2 for armor and pant , 3 for weapon.
Lv 60:2 for shoe, head and glove, 3 for armor and pant , 4 for weapon.

3. Bug Fixes:
3.1. Soul: Bug in the RTG dungeon has been fixed.
3.2. The bug in cargo collecting has been fixed.
3.3. The bug in “Learn to Donate” quest has been fixed.
3.4. Chat System:Bug of tabs has been fixed

4. Optimized Rebirth Time
4.1 PVP: Free Rebirth CD becomes 10 seconds.
4.2 PVE: Free Rebirth CD becomes 5 seconds, and 75% of max HP/MP will be recovered.
4.3 Wild Map: Free Rebirth CD becomes 5 seconds, and 75% of max HP/MP will be recovered.

5. Other Optimization
5.1 Item Pickup: Items will be automatically picked up within 3 seconds.
5.2 Mount: The Vigor of the mount will decrease in a slower pace.
5.3 Meditating: HP recovery speed will be accelerated to 2% of max HP/MP every 5 seconds.