Sep 16, 13Soul

1. “Soul” is a hybrid of upgrade system that provides permanent boosts in players’ characters stat and a mercenary that assist players’ heroes in the battle. Whether players complete quests or kill monsters and bosses, soul is of great use.
2. “Fairyland” is the matching instance for “Soul” feature where players can loot various items related to souls and earn Exp points for them. Moreover, “Fairyland” brings players more fun and pursuit.
3. There are 16 souls divided into 4 categories, each of which has unique in-game look, combat style and skills. They fight alongside players like their protection god. The drop-dead gorgeous skill effects make the battle no longer tedious and will for sure catch your eyes.
1. After players reach a certain level, they can automatically acquire an initial soul based on their own classes. This soul will manifest once players enter a battle. In the meantime, “Soul” icon will show in the game interface. By clicking this icon, players can access “Soul” interface.
2. Soul level-up: Click “Fairyland” tab first and then click “Go” button to enter the “Soul” instance. After clearing “Fairyland” instance, your soul will earn exp point and when a soul has reached Exp requirement for the next level, it gets upgraded.
Players can check their souls’ present level and level progress bar by moving mouse cursor onto the avatar of soul under “Soul” interface. Upgrading soul can enhance the basic attribute of soul directly and at the same time players’ characters will benefit more from Souls’ buff.
3. Soul skills:
Soul skills are divided into Active and Passive ones. There are two unique skills for each soul which are located in the left part of “Soul skill” interface. One is active skill, the other is passive skill. GOG also provides players with one customizable active skill and one customizable passive skill which are located in the right part of “Soul Skill” interface. Players are able to click “Refresh” button to pick up a random skill with silver, crystal, or gold. In addition, several action modes can be set for souls such active, economical, aggressive and protective.

4. Upgrade soul skills:
Above all, only active skills can be upgraded. This rule applies both to unique skills and customizable skills. In order to upgrade soul skills, players need first click “Upgrade skill’ tab under “Soul Skill” interface and then select one of them. The stellar map shows the level progress of the current soul skill. Afterwards, click “Upgrade” button. If the upgrading succeeds, the stellar map proceeds to the next point. However, if it fails, the stellar map goes back to the square one. The success rate for upgrading souls is indicated under the stellar map.
5. Substitute new souls:
Players should choose the category of souls from the section framed as 1. After deciding its category, players then ought to select a specific soul under this category from the section framed as 2.
The last step is to just press “Reset Soul”. You will replace the current soul with a new one as you wish.
6. a. Soul level and the customizable soul skills will be inherited from the original soul to the new one when players substitute souls.
b. Refreshing the customizable skills will not reset the current level of soul skills and their progress.