Nov 01, 13Pumpkin &Phantom Gallant Available In Shop!

Event Duration:Permanent

Participants:All Servers

Brand new gorgeous items are sold in Shop.

\ Open it, you can get 20,000 Silver, one or more Helloween Transform Potions. If you are lucky, you may get a Phantom Gallant.
  1. Wheel Optimization
    1. Normal: Free on the first try each day.
  1. Epic:Half Price on the first try each day.
  1. Other Optimization
    1. RTG:The layout of Leave and Restart buttons has been optimized.
    2. World BOSS:The items to recover HP in World Boss have been removed for the sake of AFK.
    3. Guild Quest:Guild side quests have been optimized.
  2. BUG Fixes
    1. Eudemon Center: The display bug of daily entry chances has been fixed
    2. Collecting:The bug in collecting has been fixed.
    3. Event Reminder Box:The bug in reminder box has been fixed.