Sep 16, 13[New Server]The Castellan of Sky City

Event Details:
Sky City, a holy land with magnificent temples, exquisite sculptures and more importantly abundant resources, is always a strategic position coveted by all factions. During this event, the leader and ministers from the guild which can capture Sky City first will be well rewarded. Now, direct your warriors to conquer Sky City and become its castellan.

Event Duration:
From the server launch to the 1st occupation of Sky City

All guild members

Leader: [Rein of Bear]*1
Ministers: [Gem Evo Scroll]*1 +[Protect Scroll]*10

[Rein of Bear]: Double click to get the bear-mount.
[Gem Evo Scroll]: It’s necessity for evoluting gem.
[Protect Scroll]: Protect equipments with enhancement level from 8 to 20.

The rewards will be issued to the corresponding players via system mail. In addition, all the rewards are bound items.