Sep 16, 13Awesome Prizes to Draw

We are pleased to offer a rich variety of awesome prizes including fashionable equipment, mounts and other high-class items for you to draw for free.

Event Duration
September 12th until September 16th (GMT-4)

Event Rules
1. You may win the points for drawing the prizes from various events available.
2. Every 10 points are equal to 1 draw.
3. The prizes won will be delivered through in-game mail soon after the Open Beta Test starts.
4. Please create a player character within 5 hours when the Open Beta Test starts to receive your prizes.

Name Picture Item Details
Archangel (Skin) \ Increases all stats by 40%.
Hell Fiend (Skin) \ Increases all stats by 30%.
Vampire Lord (Skin) \ Increases all stats by 30%.
Dwarf (Skin) \ Increases all stats by 30%.
Liger (Mount) \ Click to gain a ridable Liger.
Unicorn(Mount) \ Click to gain a ridable Unicorn.
VIP Lvl. 1(10 Days) \ \
10,000 Silver Pack \ Double click to get 10,000 silver.

Note: The fashionable equipment will augment your stats by a large margin as your level goes up.

Have fun and see you in game!