Sep 16, 13Guild

Be a slave or be a lord? Wars ofter happens between guilds. Beat the enemies, letting them know your power. Conquer the weak, making them server you.

Featured gameplay:
1.Guild leader can launch the guild war against another guild for once everyday.
2. 2.Each guild can declare the war against other guilds everyday. Once the war is declared, it is unavoidable.
3.The affiliated guilds must turn over 30% of their harvest to the leader guild as tax.
4.If the affiliated guilds can not stand the press of the leader guild, they can declare a war to it. If they win, they will be independent.
Conditions of creating a Guild:
A. Reach Lv29
B. Hand in a Medal\
C. Haven’t joinen other Guild
Meet the 3 conditions above to create a Guild.